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The Primary objective of Educate to Grow is to secure funding for agricultural education opportunities for the previously disadvantaged and unemployed youth.

By providing agricultural education opportunities, Educate to Grow changes the lives of individuals. Educate to Grow has the primary objective of ensuring equality for all students. This means equal access to education and training opportunities.

Educate to Grow contributes towards the development of the agricultural sector and fully supports previously disadvantaged individuals and global communities by providing learning opportunities to enhance employability in the Agricultural Industry.

Educate To Grow is committed to applying strict corporate governance measures to all that we do and firmly believe that our reputation will be built and enhanced through a focused approach that includes:

The highest financial integrity.

An independent board of executive directors with a clear mandate and set of duties, roles and responsibilities.

Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Administrative support to deliver robust procedures with clear responsibilities and reporting.



AGRICOLLEGES International (ACI) is a modern cloud-based e-learning institution, using world-class technology as a platform to address the agricultural education gap in South-Africa and beyond, by providing students with affordable, accessible and industry-relevant education and training in the fields of agriculture and related Agri industries. 

ACI’s unique offering is the cloud-based teaching, training and learning of Agri-Sciences by providing access to information in an online, blended and shared learning environment, available from anywhere at any time. All this at a fraction of the cost of traditional bricks and mortar tertiary education institutions.



ACI’s online courses combine e-learning with an academic approach as well as the practical application of the coursework. Combining this with shared-learning, results in a three-pronged approach:

  • Students learn independently through the online tool, at any time and from anywhere.

  • Students collaborate online with one another to share information and learn from each other through forums like chat rooms and webinars.

  • Students benefit from practical learning experiences which take place either remotely or at an ACI Practicals Destination.



AGRICOLLEGES International is AgriSETA accredited to offer a one-year NQF4 National Certificate in General Agriculture as well as various production and skills development short courses. Application has been made to the Council of Higher Education and the Department of Higher Education and Training for accreditation in the Higher Education and Training field and approval is expected soon.

Socio-Economic Development through

Access to online blended learning & teaching opportunities

Practical Training


Food security initiatives and training models

Irrigation Education

Empowerment projects: Access to Education and poverty alleviation through capacity building

“Agri-preneurs” future farmers

Life Skills / Soft Skills




Educate To Grow  projects include projects which can add value to the lives of communities through Agricultural education and skills development of women and the unemployed youth and equipping farmers with the relevant skills and training to stay abreast of development in the field of Agriculture, Agri-sciences or Agri-business.



Educate To Grow raises funds to enable prospective students in need of financial support to access and complete their Agricultural studies at AGRICOLLEGES international. We support communities through funding of their educational needs related to projects in the community.

The company’s focus is on Agricultural training and skills development in both rural and urban areas. In order to reach our goal of upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities, striving to improve their Agricultural skills to ensure food security we support access to learning opportunities provided by ACI.

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