Education Donations

Education Donations

Education Donations are More than Mere Philanthropy

The world would be a very different place today without the efforts of teachers. The practice of passing on knowledge and skills from one generation to the next began in earnest with the development of written languages and may have originated as early as 3 500 B.C. Even before then, ancient civilisations recognised the importance of learning and relied purely on verbal communication and rote learning for this purpose. Today, although we enjoy the benefits of schools, colleges, and universities, many would be denied an education without donations from businesses and the general public.

Teaching is no longer an obligation of the elders, and lessons are no longer held in the open air with students sitting cross-legged on the ground. Teachers and lecturers are salaried professionals, and lessons take place in purpose-built premises with the help of costly teaching aids. While governments generally carry some of the cost, invariably learners or their parents are often responsible for meeting the balance. Even in today’s society, too many a growing number must rely on donations to pay for their education.

In vocational and higher education, those with the most potential are often barred from participation because they cannot afford it. Thankfully, there have always been men and women who were willing to sponsor individuals in this position. Throughout history, there have been numerous examples of artists and scientists whose genius would never have been recognised but for the generosity of a patron, usually a wealthy merchant or member of the aristocracy,

Today, many education seekers must still rely on donations, but individual patronage is relatively rare, and the more usual practise is for organisations to award bursaries to students based on merit. Unfortunately, dependence on the bursary system often means that many who are worthy of support fail to receive it because they have not gained an appropriate qualification, such as a matric pass. Farmers are some of those most affected by this constraint. 

Ironically, farmers are as vital to the community and the nation’s future as doctors and scientists. To ensure they too have access to the relevant education, our company is now raising donations. The goal is to provide farmers and interested school leavers with bursaries to study modern agricultural methods. Our efforts are not purely philanthropic. We operate a scheme upon which the continued ability of farmers to feed the nation depends.

Educate to Grow is the fundraising arm of the e-learning specialist, AGRCOLLEGES International. Their combined efforts in raising and disbursing education donations solve affordability issues and minimise entrance requirements while also enabling learners to pursue their studies whilst a home.

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