Agricultural Skills Development

Helping build better skills for better opportunities

In recent years, the growing need for efficiency and productivity have combined to drive the increased use of mechanisation in most industries, including agriculture. This means that helping the youth to gain important skills to survive in a modern world is more important now than ever.

Responsible corporates and other organisations looking to fund education initiatives that are forward thinking and offer valuable skills to today’s youth, should consider making a donation to Educate to Grow. As a steward of online agri-learning institution, AGRICOLLEGES international’s corporate social responsibility, Educate to Grow is there to help to change the lives of young people who are struggling financially, and to empower a new generation of agricultural leaders. As a fully registered Non-Profit Company, Educate To Grow can issue an 18A Certificate for any donations made to the company.

Farmers are facing increasing pressure to farm smarter and produce more with less. At the same time, high wage bills and ever-improving technology mean that fewer people need to be employed to do the same jobs. What farmers are looking for now is employees with the right skills to understand and operate specialised machinery and highly technical systems; to manage people and operations; and to offer complex problem-solving cognitive skills.

The starting point to a career in agriculture lies in gaining an understanding of general agribusiness practises, plant and animal production. AGRICOLLEGES international offers students the opportunity to study a variety of short online courses, or one-year national certificate courses in general agriculture or plant production, giving them an important edge over unskilled labour. From here they can specialise further, with courses in specific crop production, such as maize, avocados, macadamias and citrus.

These skills will provide school leavers, as well as those wanting to enter the agri-industry or to improve their existing knowledge, with the skills they need to springboard their career.

Help make the difference

The agricultural sector has a pivotal role to play in food production and reducing widespread hunger, and Educate to Grow is helping to build the bridge the skills gap that exists in the industry.

We need your help to reach as many deserving candidates for our agri-scholarship programme as possible – giving them the opportunity to continue their learning journey and take the first step towards a career that offers an enormous, and growing, number of opportunities.

Click here to donate. Remember torequest your18A Certificate for any donations.

There is no better time to help someone continue their education than right now.

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