Zero Hunger – Investing in Agriculture can contribute to sustainably achieving zero hunger

Zero Hunger

Zero hunger can be achieved with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) setting out clear priorities to get rid of hunger and poverty by 2030. Achieving Zero hunger is a priority in South Africa and globally which require combined international efforts. The combination of three important elements can make this possible. These include access to nutritional food, increasing incomes, and effectively addressing sustainability.

Effectively address sustainability

By adopting sustainable agricultural and farming practices, we can ensure families are eating responsibly. Equally, we can also show that we care about our planet in a sustainable way. However, the main issues and challenges in the Food and Agriculture Industry remain. We need to address food waste and losses in production, storage and consumption. Greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced in agriculture. We must slow the pace of climate change as well as ensure future food security.

Investing in agriculture can effectively increase the productivity of agricultural labour

Support must be given to a younger generation of farmers wanting to enter the Agricultural Industry through training and skills development. This is evidently key to ensuring our food security is in good hands.

Access to nutritional food

Responsible investment in agriculture and food systems is necessary to address food security and nutrition. This will also support the progressive realisation of the right to adequate food in the context of national food security. Future farmers must be recognized as potential key contributors to food security, what’s more, we need major investors in the agricultural sector.

We must Educate people To Grow their food

Educate to Grow is a South African non-profit company with a global reach, focusing on the education and upliftment of those most in need. The focus is particularly on unemployed youth and vulnerable women in rural and urban areas. This non-profit company rely on the extraordinary generosity of our partners, who invest in helping make a difference in the agricultural sector.

Collaboration is key

Educate to Grow NPC collaborates with partners to source funds from individuals, large corporate organisations, and government institutions. The mission is to contribute towards economic development by providing financial support to individuals and businesses, specifically for learning opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Our training partner

Our funding model enables prospective students in need of financial support to access and complete their Agricultural studies at AGRICOLLEGES International (ACI). Educate to Grow supports previously disadvantaged communities through funding their educational needs related to projects in the community. The focus is on Agricultural training and skills development in both rural and urban areas. In order to reach our goal of upliftment of communities we support access to learning opportunities provided by ACI.

To sum up, investing in Agriculture is key to contributing to sustainable development, and Educate to Grow is here to provide support and upliftment to those most in need.

Contact us at for more information on how you can get involved in this crucial mission.

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