Education Bursaries

Providing Education Bursaries for Prospective Farmers

Farming is one of the most important industries in both developing and developed countries. It enables communities to provide in their own basic needs, such as food security. It also enables these communities to access raw materials to start manufacturing and exporting goods in order to create much-needed monetary resources. But for all of this to happen, you need educated farmers. Educate to Grow aims to support those wanting to enter the field of agriculture by facilitating education bursaries for individuals who have previously been unable to access further studies.

We believe that the education bursaries we facilitate do so much more than give potential students a hand in being able to access vital skills development. By making further studies accessible to those who would otherwise struggle to secure the means to further their studies, we provide them with an opportunity to build a future that might otherwise have been out of their reach. In doing so, we also strive to uplift the community as a whole. While education bursaries are aimed at the immediate needs of an individual, it also gives them an opportunity to provide for their family, to improve the economy of their community, and to encourage and support their own children to also further their education.

We specifically focus on education bursaries that support the development of skills within the agriculture industry. By enabling a new generation of farmers, we strive to do our bit in supporting the survival and growth of communities, the building of a stronger nation, and the development of the necessary resources to ensure improved food security for all.

We work with AGRICOLLEGES international to provide skills development opportunities for previously disadvantaged youth. AGRICOLLEGES international is a modern e-learning institution that uses technology as a platform to address the agricultural education gap in South Africa. Their approach allows them to provide students with affordable, accessible, and industry-relevant education and training in the fields of agriculture and related industries.

Educate to Grow strives to support as many students as possible to realise their dreams to study agriculture, however, we cannot do this alone. We’re grateful for all our wonderful partners that help make this initiative possible, and we call on other interested parties with the necessary means to join us in making education bursaries available to deserving students.

Get in touch with our team if you want to find out more about how you can help support the students of tomorrow, or if you are a prospective student that can benefit from our education bursaries.

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