Make learning count in 2021

Struggling students will need help to keep them studying in 2021. You can help by funding a bursary or donating towards someone’s agri-education.

As we stride headlong towards the end of 2020, the question that must be answered is “What next?”. Potentially thousands of students may have had their study plans for 2021 derailed by Covid-19 and the impact it has had on schools and universities across Africa and the world.

For many South African students, who lost as much as five months of school in 2020, there is a very real possibility that they won’t get the Matric exemption they need to continue with their tertiary studies in 2021; or that those already at university may find they can no longer afford to pay the fees. Worse is that bursaries and scholarships are going to be under increased pressure as more struggling parents and students apply for help.

Taking an online course through AGRICOLLEGES international provides a safe and convenient alternative. AGRICOLLEGES offers courses in plant and animal production as well as agribusiness that are more affordable and flexible than traditional tertiary institutions. Unfortunately, right now even covering the costs of a short course online is difficult for many.

But, with agriculture right at the heart of our African roots, Heritage Month offers the perfect time to help. As the only sector to have made a positive contribution to South Africa’s GDP in the second quarter of 2020, agriculture is a natural fit for those looking to increase their skills in an industry offering more stable employment opportunities than most.

Educate to Grow, a non-profit company that partners with AGRICOLLEGES international, is raising education funding for previously disadvantaged youth and women in order to help empower a new generation of agricultural leaders.As a steward of AGRICOLLEGES’ corporate social responsibility, a donation to Educate to Grow will help to change the life of someone struggling financially.

How to donate

Help someone gain the knowledge they need to produce their own food, build a business and feed others long into the future by donating any amount, or sponsoring specific bursary funding for prospective students.

To donate to Educate To Grow, download the Zapper App and scan the code below or, if you would rather do a direct EFT, please send us a mail on

Companies offering bursaries, farm owners and students should remember to maximise the benefits offered by various authorities for training. Many of the skills development benefits are available to employers, whether the people they invest in are employed by them or not. This is a win-win for both employers and students as everyone benefits from the new skills learned, while employers can gain the added benefits of tax deductions, claiming back a portion of their Skills Development levies and an improved B-BBEE rating.

AGRICOLLEGES international’s world class online platform offers a safe, affordable, flexible and interactive alternative to traditional bricks and mortar facilities; and gives students the option to learn while they work and earn a living.

So instead of seeing the challenges to education, see the opportunity to help someone. This is more than a chance to pledge funds. It’s a chance to empower others to achieve their hopes and dreams; to learn a skill; and build a career in spite of the realities we face.

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