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Making Education Opportunities Accessible for Those Who Need It Most

The value of education cannot be stressed enough. It empowers people, uplifts communities, and builds a better future for all. However, as important and beneficial as it is, there aren’t always readily available opportunities for those who need it most to access educational facilities and courses. And this is where we come in.

At Educate to Grow, we believe that education and skills development have the potential to transform the lives of individuals, the future of communities, and the development of humanity on a human scale. And all of this starts with creating opportunities for those who currently are without the means to access further education.

This is exactly what we aim to do, in partnership with AGRICOLLEGES international.

Our Vision

Educate to Grow aims to promote and enable prospective farmers to have access to online agricultural learning opportunities offered by AGRICOLLEGES international.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support prospective students to further their education and skills development in Agri-related areas. Ultimately, we contribute to economic development and sustainable food supply in Africa and beyond.

Providing Sustainable Education Opportunities

To turn our vision into a reality, we realise we need to work much smarter than merely making bursaries available to prospective students. This is certainly the main objective and one that is very necessary – too many disadvantaged individuals, and especially youth and women, are denied the opportunity to further their studies due to a lack of funds.

However, to ensure a programme that is scalable and sustainable to make a lasting difference, we also realise we need to address issues such as student support and course accessibility. We therefore also offer comprehensive scholarship programmes that holistically invest in our students’ academic, wellness, life skills, mentorship and leadership journeys, ensuring that during their time with us, they are given every opportunity possible to reach their full potential as future leaders.

The specific agricultural courses are delivered in partnership with AGRICOLLEGES international to ensure that these courses are accessible to deserving students nationwide. AGRICOLLEGES international uses world-class technology as a platform to address the agricultural education gap in South Africa. They offer several online courses that are short and focussed in order to provide accessible training to help kickstart meaningful careers in agriculture.

Whether you are in a position to help us make more education opportunities available to deserving students, or in need of assistance to kickstart your career in agriculture, contact us for more information and assistance relating to our bursaries and scholarships.

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